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Nervexol (60 capsules) FREE Shipping!


  • Reduced Numbness/Tingling
  • Relief of Burning
  • Support Nerve Linings
  • Reduce Stress
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A carefully curated mix of vitamins, antioxidants and herbs, Nervexol Nerve Pain Support helps eliminate nerve pain and bring back your quality of life. Featuring such ingredients as calamarine, ubiquinol, vitamins B1, B6, B12 and D3, and other beneficial herbs like corydalis, it provides quick and effective results without the side effects of toxic big pharma options.

Nervexol is a powerful combination of natural flowers, herbs, barks and vitamins. Each one alone can have an effect on your pain and discomfort level, but Nervexol is created from a precise research-backed balance to greatly increase your chances at relief.

Benefits of taking just 2 capsules of Nervexol a day MAY include:
  • Support, nourish and strengthen the nerves and the nerve linings.
  • Drastically decreases numbness and tingling in hands, feet and legs.
  • Dramatically lowers the sensations of burning, stinging and stabbing pains.
  • Increase the ability to sleep better at night.
  • Support improved overall balance and coordination, helping reduce the risk of falls.

The main ingredient is Calamarine ®, a newly discovered version of the famous Omega-3 fatty acids. The benefits of high-quality Omega-3 are incredible when it comes to nerve pain.

In fact, if you weren’t to buy Nervexol today, you should start by implementing this nutrient in your diet anyway. It is truly essential to treat nerve pain thanks to its proven anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

But here comes the bad news. For Omega-3 to work effectively, we need it in very high amounts. This can be quite expensive.

Most fish oil manufacturers decided to go for a dirty solution: to reduce costs, they compromise on quality by extracting oil from rancid fish. Once in your body, Omega-3 converts into harmful oxidized fats called lipid peroxides, which increase the risk of clogged arteries and blood clots.

In practice, this will do more harm than good.

Nervexol is better. Instead of fish oil, it uses Calamarine ®, a marine super-nutrient harvested from deep-sea squid in the clean waters off the South American coast. The advantages are numerous.

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