Daily stresses, anxiety and restlessness are some of the most common issues we face day to day, preventing us from enjoying a good night’s sleep. Introducing, RelaXitrol®, your solution to relaxing and getting those much needed Zzz’s!

Formulated using the most powerful ingredients nature has to offer, RelaXitrol is the natural solution to help reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve REM sleep…helping restore natural sleep patterns. If you’re ready to unwind, get a healthy night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed, RelaXitrol is your answer!*

  • Improve REM Sleep
  • Reduce Anxiety & Tension During Times of High Stress*
  • Promote Deep Sleep & Restore Healthy Sleep Patterns*
  • Optimize Natural Testosterone, Thyroid & HGH Output*
  • Aid in Immune System Health
  • Boost Metabolism and Recovery
  • RelaXitrol is an All Natural, Non-Habit Forming Formula*

Suggested Use:

For Relaxation: During times of high stress and anxiety, take one (1) capsule of RelaXitrol.

For Sleep: Start by assessing your tolerance with two (2) capsules of RelaXitrol 30 minutes prior to sleep. For maximum effect, the recommended serving is three (3) capsules.