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Trouble Sleeping?

Many of us struggle to get the quality sleep we deserve. Somnapure® is the safe and effective solution, trusted by countless men and women for nearly a decade. This premium formula contains only non-habit-forming ingredients that won’t leave you feeling groggy.

Fall Asleep Faster

Somnapure’s key natural ingredients, including valerian and L-theanine, induce a relaxing calm that will help you fall asleep more quickly. Gentle, high quality compounds help calm your racing mind and soothe you to sleep, instead of unnaturally forcing your brain to turn off.

Stay Asleep Longer

Clinically tested ingredients, including a perfectly balanced 3 milligrams of melatonin, help you stay asleep longer by working to regulate your brain waves and restore your natural circadian rhythm. Less time tossing and turning means more restorative slumber, including REM sleep.

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Somnapure will help you wake up refreshed and energized, no groggy and confused with a sleep hangover. While some sleep aids force you into unnatural and ineffective sleep patterns, Somnapure’s carefully chosen ingredients help you drift off to sleep and stay asleep naturally.

Let Somnapure remind you how it feels to experience a full rejuvenating night’s sleep so you can fully Unleash Your Potential®.

Real Ingredients: Somnapure’s proprietary formula contains 7 premium, healthy compounds backed by science to help you get a better night’s rest.

Lemon Balm This herb in the mint family is used to promote sleep through relaxation.

Chamomile A daisy-like flower, chamomile is known for its calming effects and use in herbal teas.

Passion Flower Traditionally used to promote sleep, this plant has been harvested as a remedy for centuries.

L-Theanine Soothing green tea is rich in this amino acid, which has a gentle relaxing effect.

Hops This flower cluster helps increase alpha waves in the brain, hastening the onset of sleep.

Melatonin Naturally secreted by the pituitary, this vital hormone helps regulate sleep patterns.

Valerian This perennial herb is used worldwide to promote relaxation and help calm the mind.


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Somnapure (60 capsules) FREE Shipping!
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