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Prosvent is a comprehensive, proprietary, safe and natural formula that has been shown to improve prostate health and support urinary function. It contains 4 herbs – including Beta Sitosterol, which in clinical studies shows to help support the health of an aging prostate. And best of all, everything is combined in an easy-to-swallow soft gel capsule with Bioperine® to increase absorption!

As the prostate ages, it constricts the urethra, causing greater urgency, frequency, a weak stream and the inability to fully empty the bladder. Prosvent’s exclusive formula helps relieve all these common symptoms associated with an aging prostate.*

This is the most comprehensive prostate non-prescription formula. It includes natural herbs and minerals that have been found to reduce or eliminate the debilitating symptoms of an aging prostate.

Prosvent Suggested Use:

Adult males take 1 (one) soft gel 2 times daily, preferably with a meal or as directed by your health specialist.

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