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Power Pops (30 count)

$31.95 USD

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Power Pops use five natural ingredients to help suppress appetite, lose weight and provide energy.

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It took 21 formulations to revolutionize the appetite suppressant & energizing ingredients, discovered by ancient cultures, in our quadruple patented Power-Pops. Enjoy the world’s most effective, simple & fun way to slim down. The active ingredients in Power-Pops work synergystically to help reduce body weight & increase energy levels.

Suggested Use:

Snack Directions: 1/2 hour before each meal drink an 8oz glass of water with a Power-Pop® to activate ingredients.
To Boost Results: Follow the above directions. Then drink a 2nd 8oz glass of water afterwards to flush.
Daily Dosage: 3 Power-Pops®. Do not exceed daily dose.



Wildcrafted, Non-GMO Ingredients: Guarana (Paulllinia Cupana Plant)**, L-Tyrosine (Amino Acid)**, Citrimax (Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract)**, Vitamin B6***, Vitamin B12***, Corn Syrup, and Raw Cane Sugar (trace amounts of Corn Syrup & Raw Cane Sugar are necessary binding & hardening agents), Natural Colors & Flavors (Fruit Derived).

4g carbs – 28 calories – 2g raw sugar per serving

*** 3 Power-Pops do not contain more than 40% RDA of Vitamin B6 or Vitamin B12


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