Originally created to help support the negative effects of blood sugar imbalances, Ketsumeisei is a proprietary blend of Chinese herbs which studies have shown to be effective in supporting healthy metabolic function and microcirculatory disorders within the body.

Ketsumeisei is a proprietary herbal compound that includes sickle-pod senna, Chinese wild yam, safflower, astragalus root, cape jasmine fruit, kudzu vine root, Chinese licorice, and Chinese ginseng. Ketsumeisei has been formulated to support healthy metabolic function and microcirculatory disorders within the body.


Liver Support:

Improvement in microcirculation may have body-wide beneficial effects on organs, including the liver, which may lead to improvement in liver function.

  • Helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • Helps promotes general organ health

Microcirculation Support:

  • Healthy energy levels
  • Blood cleansing properties
  • Extremity circulation support
  • Healthy vision

May also help support the decrease of harmful free fatty acids in the blood, thus increasing total body health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory

The “spleen” of traditional Chinese medicine refers to the functional system that controls digestion, absorption, and metabolism. Certain health conditions have been attributed to the metabolic and circulatory pathologic condition associated with “spleen vacuity”, stagnant blood, and liver-kidney yin deficiency. The primary pathology is “spleen vacuity”, characterized by metabolic disorder. This leads to microcirculatory disorder (stagnant blood).

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The use of Chinese herbs has enjoyed a long and successful history in eastern medicine. Ketsumeisei™, developed by renowned Chinese medical expert Dr. Xianen Wang, is a proprietary blend of premium Chinese herbs known for their support of healthy circulatory and metabolic functions related to the liver. Restoring liver function and systemic micro-circulation helps support numerous processes throughout the body.

Ketsumeisei Suggested Use:

Empty contents of 1 packet into  8-16 ounces of water or juice once per day.