Pain Relieving Foot Cream (4 oz)


  • Penetrates quickly. Non-greasy
  • Relieves Nerve Pain
  • Moisturize. Anti-Itch. Invigorate. Calm. Restore
  • Most beneficial when applied after bathing, showering or a foot soak
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If you suffer from pain in your feet, you should know help is available. Millions of Americans suffer with pain and put up with the symptoms because they are not aware of this treatment. MagniLife® Pain Relieving Foot Cream contains key ingredients, such as Gnaphalium, which is known to relieve pain in the feet. Natural moisturizers soften hardened, callused skin to help eliminate painful cracks and fissures. Penetrates quickly. Non-greasy. No petroleum oils. No added dyes or fragrances.

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