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Remplir is an independently tested and certified methylated vitamin B12 and chelated magnesium supplement formulated to restore healthy levels of both nutrients.

Energy levels, brain function, bone health, cardiac and lung function, and restful sleep are all affected by vitamin B12 and/or magnesium levels.* Unfortunately, age, diet, and even stomach acid-reducers can deplete these nutrients. Remplir is designed for optimal absorption*

VITAMIN B12 AND MAGNESIUM: highly absorbable and bioavailable forms of magnesium and B12 for those not getting enough of these nutrients in their diet, including those taking acid-reducing medications (such as PPI’s) or metformin. Remplir may also be beneficial for adults 60+.

ENERGY, METABOLISM, & OVERALL HEALTH SUPPORT: vitamin B12 plays a number of roles in the body to support energy metabolism, nervous system health, brain function, and normal blood cell formation and development.* Magnesium helps support over 500 enzymatic processes, healthy cardiac and lung function, nerve and muscle function, bone density, and promotes restful sleep.

ENHANCED ABSORPTION: contains methylated B12 and chelated magnesium for optimal absorption and bioavailability.

Remplir offers nutrient support for adults taking acid-reducing medications (such as PPI’s), metformin, or other medications that may deplete vitamin B12 and magnesium.* Remplir can also be beneficial for adults 60+, vegetarians, and anyone else looking to increase their levels of B12 and magnesium. The forms of vitamin B12 and magnesium used in Remplir are both highly absorbable and bioavailable.* Take one tablet per day, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. 90-day supply.

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Remplir (90 tablets) FREE Shipping!
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