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The barley grass in Alka Greens, is one of the most nutrient-packed foods found in nature!

With 4 times the calcium of milk, 22 times the iron in raw spinach, and as much protein per weight as a steak, the juice from young barley grass plants is a true super food.

When your body is loaded with nutrients, you don’t need to rely on coffee for an energy boost. Rather, your body can produce its own internal energy boost with the alkalizing ingredients found in these 98% pure Alka Green tablets (just 2% of natural binding agents to form the tablets) or powder.

Alka Green Has Even More Benefits

Used by nutritionists across the globe!

The reason: barley grass tablets help with just about everything.

Green barley powder is loaded with every essential amino acid, over 12 minerals, and 13 different vitamins (including Vitamin K!).

Stop feeling less than your best! Get a bottle of Alka Green and improve your life today. But don’t stop there! In a month from now when you are feeling and looking so much better, you can tell your friends and family that Alka Green truly is the king of all supplements.

Sourced from local farmers, Alka•Green® Tablets contain 100% organic barley grass that’s free from chemical fertilizers, insecticides, or pesticides. Barley grass contains naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that alkalize the body and promote wellness.

  • Elevates energy, performance & stamina-Fuel your body with the naturally chelated alkaline Minerals and Amino Acids in Alka•Green Tablets! Barley Greens are a nutrient rich superfood that enhance energy for peak physical performance and reduced recovery time.
  • Revitalizes digestion & enhances nutrient absorption- The bioavailable and alkalizing Minerals & Enzymes found in raw Chlorophyll nourish your digestive system and promote optimal gut conditions for improved nutrient absorption and regularity.
  • Boosts immunity & promotes stress reduction-Barley Grass elevates mood, improves focus, reduces stress, improves sleep and enhances overall mental well-being with essential vitamins & minerals.

We need alkaline minerals in greater amounts now more than ever. Our bodies thrive when they absorb nutrient-rich, organic sources of vitamins and minerals. The challenge lies in the sources we currently have for these minerals. The most potent source of alkaline minerals available comes from barley grass, and not all barley grass products are equal.

Alkalizing Nutrients

Barley grass contains naturally chelated colloidal alkaline minerals, is vitamin-packed, nutrient-rich, and loaded with nature’s perfect amino acid ratios. Alka•Green® is the ultimate organic barley grass supplement for alkalizing the body and supports elevated energy levels for increased stamina to enhance performance while promoting overall wellness.

Organically & Locally Sourced

Dr. Morter spent years developing relationships with growers, importers, and actual farmers seeking out the highest quality sources of this amazing alkalizing superfood. Alka Green tablets are derived from 100% barley juice concentrate that is grown under organic conditions and contains no toxins.

Top Quality Barley Grass

Don’t be fooled by other inadequate barley products which may be diluted up to 40% by Maltodextrin. Alka•Green® Tablets are not diluted and are not treated with heat, providing the maximum concentration of the naturally chelated colloidal alkaline minerals so vital to health and immunity.

Oh, and did we mention? Alka Green has nothing artificial and is grown right here in the United States.

Suggested Use:

Take 7 tablets daily, or as directed by your physician. 7 tablets equal 1 serving of vegetables.

Contains no yeast, starch, dairy, color, maltodextrose, or artificial preservatives.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

Warning: Consult a healthcare professional before taking this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.

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