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Lipobiotol (60 packets)

Lipobiotol (60 packets)

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  • Restores and balances beneficial gut bacteria
  • Blocks absorption of dietary fat
  • Diminishes visceral fat

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Lipobiotol’s Patented probiotic formulation (unlike most probiotics) survives stomach acid so it can effectively replenish and balance your damaged intestinal bacteria.

Lipobiotol’s Patented fat blocker stops the absorption of dietary fat

The rise of the Pear Belly is directly related to massive over prescriptions of Antibiotics.

Out of balance intestinal bacteria (caused be antibiotic exposure) is the hidden culprit behind the pear.

Dr. Raa’s Lipobiotol is a weight loss game changer.Lipobiotol’s patented formulation:

  • Survives stomach acid and delivers 35 billion live CFU’s (colony forming units) of beneficial bacteria to your gut’s sweat spot.
  • Works as both a prebiotic, probiotic, and a fat blocker
  • Targets excess abdominal fat
  • Encourages healthy body weight


  • As dietary supplement, adults take one packet (4 capsules) with two main meals, 8 capsules daily.