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Life can be messy. Sometimes, often the worst times, we struggle with bloating, gas, constipation, and intestines full of waste and toxins. For 25+ years, mag O7 has been a popular oxygen-based colon cleanser, digestive system detox, and natural laxative alternative. Our proprietary Magnesium Oxide Compounds and Slow Release Oxygen work together like a ‘scrub and bubbles’ to bring water and oxygen into the bowel, gently break down hardened build-up, and promote regular, relieving poops – all with no cramping or bloating.

A buildup of intestinal waste cause in overgrowth of anerobic “bad” bacteria. Mag’s slow release creates an inhospitable environment for this bad bacteria and other toxins. Oxygen helps support the good flora in the gut, which are essential for proper digestive and intestinal health.


  • Magnesium Oxide Compounds:
    • Our proprietary magnesium oxide compounds may give a gentle osmotic effect, moving water into the stool and activating the intestines to move.
    • MagO7 magnesium oxide compounds also carry oxygen, which releases over time and may help remove hardened and compacted waste.
  • Potassium:
    • Electrolytes like potassium may help you maintain a healthy fluid balance when used with osmotic magnesium oxides, which use water to help you poop!

Who Should Use Mag O7?

People who…

  • Suffer from occasional constipation and bloating
  • Want to feel less bloated and heavy from waste
  • Don’t want to take herbal or stimulant laxatives
  • Have low fiber, high fat diets like keto
  • Travel regularly or experience changes in routine

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Does Mag O7 have side effects?

When taken as suggested, magO7 is safe and has few side effects, especially compared to harsh, habit-forming alternatives. If you are under 18 or over 65, have kidney or heart problems, or are pregnant, we always recommend you ask your healthcare provider if any supplement is right for you.

How long does it take Mag O7 to work?

Everyone’s health is different. Depending on the state of your digestive system, waste build up, and level of constipation, you may experience different results. When taken as directed, on an empty stomach and with plenty of water, most people have bowel movements within 8 to 12 hours.

How much Mag O7 should I take?

Our suggested use is to start with 3 capsules. For stronger effects, take up to 5 capsules. When considering longer cleanses, you may reduce to 1 to 2 capsules if you reach desired effects. However, if you plan to use for long-term maintenance, we always recommend consulting your healthcare provider.

How long can you take Mag O7?

We recommend using Mag O7 as a colon cleanse and digestive system detox lasting 1 to 10 days as needed. It may also be effective as a longer cleanse, but we always recommend consulting your healthcare provider before starting long-term maintenance use.

Does Mag O7 help with belly fat or weight loss?

MagO7 wasn’t designed to help you lose weight or fat. However, when the intestinal tract is full of hardened, potentially harmful waste, it can have many effects on the body. By clearing debris, it may help you feel less bloated and support healthy digestion of nutrients from your diet!

Can you take Mag O7 in the morning or really just at night?

We recommend taking it at night, before you sleep, and waking up to relieving poops! If you take it in the morning, you might have to go to the bathroom at an inconvenient time during the day. You might also eat food that may make it work less quickly or effectively.

What should I take paired with Mag O7?

We consider good poops and waste removal to be the foundation of building gut and digestive health. As you cleanse, and especially after you cleanse, consider using fiber to help you continue to poop regularly and probiotics to support a healthy gut microbiome. A great choice is our daily multi-fiber.

Suggested Use:

  • Capsule: Take 3 capsules on an empty stomach with 8–12 oz of water. Use for 7–10 days or until desired cleanse has been attained. Serving size may vary depending on the individual. Increase serving size by up to 2 capsules until desired effect is achieved. If needed, decrease serving size for maintenance.
  • Powder: Mix 1/2 teaspoon with 8 oz. of water and drink on an empty stomach. Daily dosage will vary depending on individual and intended purpose. If needed, decrease the dosage for maintenance. Results may vary.

Tips & Tricks

  • Always take on an empty stomach. Mag O7 cleanse pills can be taken any time of day, but preferably 2–3 hours after your last meal.
  • For best results, take right before bed and wake up to a gentle bathroom experience!
  • Drink plenty of water, at least 8oz but ideally more! Water is Key!
  • Struggle swallowing capsules? Gently squeeze the capsule to shorten it or try the powder!
  • May be used occasionally or as part of a longer cleanse


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