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Renadyl (30 capsules) FREE Shipping!

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  • Natural Supplement for Kidney Problems
  • Establishes Kidney Balance Naturally
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Renadyl™ | Natural Supplement for Kidney Problems

Renadyl™, a natural supplement for kidney problems, metabolizes nitrogenous waste that has diffused from the bloodstream into the bowel. When these waste products accumulate in high concentrations in the blood, they become highly toxic and can cause severe damage to many organ systems if they are not properly excreted. Nitrogenous wastes are utilized by Renadyl™ as nutrients. As probiotics grow and multiply, they consume more nitrogenous waste and therefore effectively help maintain healthy kidney function.

How Can Probiotics Affect Your Kidneys?

Due to the overloaded and impaired kidneys, a buildup of poisonous wastes occurs in the bloodstream. Certain probiotic microorganisms can utilize urea, uric acid and creatinine and other toxins as nutrients for growth. These probiotics multiply and metabolize larger quantities of uremic toxins, facilitating the increased diffusion of these toxins from the circulating blood into the bowel across the lining of the intestinal walls. Ultimately, these microbes are excreted in the feces (normally microbes make up 50% of feces by weight).

In this manner, the enteric toxin reduction technology uses probiotic organisms to transform the colon into a blood cleansing agent, which, with the aid of microbes, indirectly removes toxic wastes and helps eliminate them as fecal matter. Consequently, it is possible to maintain a healthy kidney function with the oral use of Renadyl, a natural supplement for kidney failure. The patented, proprietary probiotics in Renadyl have been found to be safe, effective and free of serious side effects when taken for as long as six months.


We use three probiotic microbial strains of beneficial bacteria – S.thermophilus(KB19), L.acidophilus (KB27) and B.longum (KB31). Our microbes are naturally occurring and are not genetically modified. They are screened, selected and grown under uremic conditions, so that they have a higher affinity for uremic toxins.

  • When the kidney becomes compromised, uremic toxins build up in the blood. Large numbers of these toxins diffuse into the colon because of the extensive network of blood vessels surrounding it.
  • Following a journey in the upper GI tract, probiotic microbes are released from an enteric coated capsule and enter the ileo-caecal region of the large intestine.
  • Once in the colon, the microbes target and metabolize the uremic nitrogenous wastes as nutrients for growth.
  • As the microbes begin to multiply, they metabolize progressively more uremic toxins, thus increasing the concentration gradient and allowing for greater diffusion of these toxins into the bowel.

The nitrogenous waste products targeted by Renadyl™’s formulation include several metabolites. Some of these are urea, uric acid, creatinine, indoles, phenols, nitrosamines, and several other nitrogenous waste products.*

Eventually, the metabolized toxins are carried through the bowel and are eliminated from the body as solid waste, relieving the burden on the compromised kidneys.

Every Capsule contains…

Renadyl’s™ patented “Intestinal Dialysis™” (a.k.a Enteric Dialysis®). This helps in the removal of toxins and nitrogenous wastes from the body.

3 steps for Better Kidney Health

The microbes in Renadyl™ help in metabolizing nitrogenous wastes and toxins thereby reducing stress on Kidneys.

  • Improve Gut Bacteria
  • Metabolize Toxins
  • Reduce Stress on Kidneys

Recommended Dosage:

With the improved Renadyl™ formulation, take 1-2 capsules twice daily with a meal, or as suggested by your healthcare professional. It is important to note that Renadyl™ should be used for a full 3  months to receive its full benefits.

  • For maximum effectiveness, please keep Renadyl refrigerated.
  • Renadyl is now fully stable without refrigeration for at least 2 weeks and maintains effectiveness without the need for cold shipping. Upon receiving, please store Renadyl in your refrigerator between 39-45 degrees Fahrenheit (4-8 degrees Celsius) to maintain maximum effectiveness. Do not freeze.

Potential Side Effects:

These probiotics are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for consumption. Side effects, if they occur, are mild and include flatulence and bloating. These usually disappear after 2-3 weeks of continuous use. Renadyl is manufactured in cGMP facility that also processes products containing peanuts, treenuts, seeds, grains, eggs, crustacean and dairy products.

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Renadyl (30 capsules) FREE Shipping!
Original price was: $85.99.Current price is: $79.95.
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