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Heart Guard (60 capsules)


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Essential Cellular Protection

Heart Guard is formulated with powerful enzymes and antioxidants that are thought to be essential in maintaining a health heart.

The ingredients are thought to provide support to the body’s natural processes that lead to healthy cardiovascular function.†

Natural Ingredients

The natural ingredients in this formula are thought to help stimulate proper blood flow which calms the heart and helps guard against long term health risks.†


Heart Guard’s natural antioxidants may help by effectively oxidizing your bloodstream, providing more oxygen to critical organs.†

A Strong Heart

A strong heart boosts endurance by delivering more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body for improved artery, vein and cardiovascular system function.

This supplement contains healthy natural ingredients such as Hawthorn, Magnesium, Nattokinase and Grape Seed Extract all of which are thought to have amazing benefits for the cardiovascular system.†

Suggested Use:

Take 2 capsules once a day with 8 oz of water.

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Heart Guard (60 capsules)
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