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Terms Conditions / FAQ

Here at Royalty Health your satisfaction is our mission! We strive in every way to make sure your experience with our company is a positive one.

Refunds: If you are unsatisfied with a product, you can send any UNOPENED packages back with a brief note of why the product was not suitable for your needs within 30 days of purchase. You will receive the full product price refunded (less shipping and handling) within 1-2 business days.

If you are returning a product, please call (866) 446-9924 (between 10:30a.m. and 6:00p.m. Eastern Time Mon-Fri) or email customer service at The method of payment used will determine the method of refund. We recommend, but do not require, shipping with delivery confirmation or tracking. Once the product is delivered, you are responsible for the package and sending it back. Please allow 1-3 weeks for a refund to be issued.

Autoship Cancellation Policy

Unlike other companies, we do not sign up customers on autoship without the customer’s request. Autoship is not forced on any customer; it’s not even mentioned by our customer service representative without the customer inquiring about the program. If you sign up for autoship for the discounted price on any of our products, you will receive a minimum of 2 packages. The first is for the original order that was placed, and another 30 days later. You can cancel at any time after that with no penalties.

Insurance Policy

We are currently utilizing services from the United States Post Office and UPS. At this time, we do not automatically insure packages. If you would like to include insurance on your item(s), this would guarantee a replacement of the product in the event of a missing package. This option would be most beneficial for customers who live within unsafe neighborhoods inclined to theft or for residents with isolated mailing locations. Prices may vary depending on the weight of the package, so please call for a quote!

International Orders

We require an additional shipping charge to send items out of the states. Our shopping cart does not calculate shipping if you are not in the U.S., as you will see your initial cost will be $0.00. Contact will be made immediately via telephone or email to confirm unique shipping fees.
Please be aware that some countries have banned certain ingredients in the products that we carry. We suggest concluding that all of the ingredients in the product you are interested in are legal in your country before placing an order. Packages that are captured in violation of customs and/or international trading laws will not be refunded.


After placing an order you will be automatically enrolled in our e-mail newsletter. You will also be sent an e-mail 21 days post purchase with an invitation to review the product you purchased for a discount promo code available to use on any future order.

Free Shipping Special Offer

Royalty Health is currently offering free shipping on all orders over $99 shipped within the continental United States only.

You can contact us at (866) 446-9924.

Privacy Policy

Royalty Health takes great pride with safeguarding your personal information in a highly confidential matter. We operate an extremely sophisticated purchasing system. Orders are placed through a secure program which is password-protected.

We have over 200,000 satisfied customers and have never lost, shared or sold any personal information, whatsoever.

Express Shipping

Express shipping is available on all orders. All express orders must be placed with our company before 2pm Eastern Time in order for the shipment to go out that same day. If you place an order for express shipping after 2pm, your order will NOT be shipped out until the following day.

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