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Mighty Maca Plus (7.62oz)


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  • Increases stamina, energy & performance
  • Improves metabolism & digestion
  • Soothes mood disorders & hot flashes
  • Menopause supplement

Mighty Maca Plus is mighty, indeed. Formulated by Dr. Anna herself, it works to support detox, alkalize the body, balance hormones, fight free radicals, and neutralize lactic acid all while increasing your energy and vitality; improving your digestion; and reigniting your libido. It’s a powerful superfood drink mix that needs to be part of your daily routine.

  • Balance Hormones naturally to eliminate hot flashes and bad moods
  • Increase Your Energy in healthy ways that don’t strain your adrenals
  • Improve Your Digestion with the help of enzymes
  • Fight Free Radicals and reduce the body’s natural inflammation response
  • Neutralize Lactic Acid so you can reduce your workout recovery times
  • Increase Your Vitality thanks to strong antioxidants
  • Reignite Your Libido and resurrect your sex life!
  • Fast acting with long-term benefits
  • Non-animal tested

Mighty Maca Plus Featured Ingredients:

Peruvian Maca Root

Maca is a plant that grows on the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains. Maca is used to raise energy levels and improve libido. According to studies the benefits of maca can reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression in menopausal women. 


Turmeric is scientifically proven as a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Curcumin, a well-known compound in turmeric is known to ease depression and the symptoms of PMS.


Chlorella is a type of algae and is a great source of several vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Known to aid in detoxification and improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


Pomegranate is full of antioxidants which are known to remove free radicals, protect cells from damage, and reduce inflammation.


Mangosteen is a powerhouse fruit filled with unique antioxidants that may reduce inflammation and the effects of aging while supporting blood sugar balance, immune function, fat metabolism, and the health of your heart, gut, and brain.

Green Tea

Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants which can improve brain function, and support fat loss.

How it Works:

Add 1 scoop to 4 oz. of water, juice, or your favorite smoothie—it goes with everything! Take 1-3 servings daily for the best results.

How many servings are in one canister of Mighty Maca?

There is approximately 60 serving per canister. Serving size is 1 scoop, approximately 3.6 grams (0.72tsp).

Is Mighty Maca Sweetened?

Mighty Maca® Plus does not contain any sugar. It is flavored with natural ingredients of peppermint and orange with a minute amount of Stevia.

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mighty maca plus
Mighty Maca Plus (7.62oz)
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