EcoOmega Soft Gel Pearls are a unique, environmentally sustainable Omega-3 Marine Oil. Made with Calamari (squid) oil, this superior Omega-3 supplement offers a whopping 250mg of DHA and 125mg of EPA daily. This gives you more of the Omega-3 essential fatty acids (“the good fats”) than a 2008 report found most important for a variety of health issues, including heart and  brain health and general well being.  Omega-3’s are even excellent for your skin, eyes, hair and nails!  Nearly 60% of the Omega-3 oil found in Eco-Omega is DHA, much more than found in Omega-3’s from other sources.  These tiny soft gel pearls can be chewed or are easy enough to swallow!*

EcoOmega Omega-3 Pearls…..for a keen mind, strong heart and eyes, healthy skin, hair and nails!*

It seems that most every health expert recommends taking fish oil. Omega-3 fish oils have become very popular, so popular, in fact, that concerns are being raised about the survival of certain fish species.

Why You Need Omega-3 Every Day.
Omega-3 cannot be made by the body. You must get it from food or supplements. Omega-3 is highly concentrated in the brain, heart, eyes and nervous system.

Two key types of Omega-3 fatty acids are EPA and, especially, DHA. One serving of EcoOmega contains 250 mg of DHA and 125 mg of EPA. Traditional fish oils have much more EPA than DHA . In 2008, the Point Institute of Nutritional Health rated DHA more important than EPA for twice as many health conditions. These included general well-being, cadiovascular and eye health and brain acuity.*

A Pearl Sized Softgel… and More.
Forget oversized Omega-3 capsules. EcoOmega comes in a tiny soft-gel pearl. You can chew or easily swallow the pearls whole – up to 5 at a time.

EcoOmega: SUSTAINABLE Marine Oil Pearls
EcoOmega contains sustainable food grade Calamari oil. Calamari is naturally high in DHA and has a higher concentration of DHA than  popular Omega-3 fish oils. Nearly 60% of the Omega-3 in EcoOmega is DHA.  EcoOmega Marine Oil is a very pure, clean and effective source of DHA and EPA.


Swallow or chew 3-5 pearls once daily with food.