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Lean Dreams (60 Capsules)

Lean Dreams (60 Capsules)

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Who Would Benefit from Lean Dreams?

Anyone who needs support for a better nights sleep and wake up more refreshed!*

  • Strength, Performance and Endurance Athletes Looking to Support:
    • Helps increased natural Growth Hormone production*
    • Helps Nocturnal weight loss process*
    • Helps Deep, relaxing sleep*
    • Enhanced recovery*
Don’t let all your hard work go to waste while you sleep! Use Lean Dreams and help burn fat while you sleep.*
Who Needs Lean Dreams®?
  • Anyone who wants to sleep better and wake up refreshed!*
  • Bodybuilders & Physique Athletes who want to:
  • Increase their natural Growth Hormone production*
  • Keep the fat burning process going*
  • Support deep, relaxing sleep*
  • Enhance recovery*
Do you need Lean Dreams®? Read on & find out…
Come on now, anyone who has experienced the fat loss and appetite modulating results from the Visceral Fat Loss/Energy phenomenon Hyperdrive® 3.0+ knows the need for a Night-Time Formula that will continue to modulate fat oxidation, yet support relaxation. You simply cannot stay wired 24/7.
Lean Dreams® promotes sleep and natural GH production!*
Sleep is possibly one of the best natural tools for recovery we can maximize due to a very healthy increase in GH release, IGF-1 conversion and a period where glycogen stores can be replenished to a point of fueling tissue regeneration. Over half of our natural daily GH secretion occurs while we sleep… and we can produce more. In short, we heal the damage we did during the day best while we sleep and burn fat for fuel (cool deal, huh?), if we can create the right environment.*
There are a few problems, of course, that commonly hinder real progress in optimal fat loss and lean tissue retention during sleep:
1. If we sleep too little, recovery sucks, GH release is blunted and fat accumulates.
2. If we eat enough food to support full recovery, we hinder GH release and increase Insulin release.which means more fat storage while we sleep.
3. If we eat too little we enter a catabolic state that does result in greater fat loss… but also results in hard earned lean muscle loss too.*


This product works best in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and exercise. Individual results will vary.







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