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Insomulex (2 oz)

Insomulex (2 oz)

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Insomulex is a safe and gentle homeopathic formula with a purified, ionized mineral water base for adults and children 2+. Pure and simple no artificial color of flavors, no unpleasant taste to overcome either. The naturally powerful ingredients that help control insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, frequent waking, daytime fatigue, nightmares, and tossing and turning. With no negative side-effects insomulex is a non-sedative treatment without the risk of overdose or dependency.


Suggested Use:

Weight: 50 lbs or less

Daily Dosage Size: 1/2 ml

Weight: 50 + lbs

Daily Dosage Size: 1 ml

For optimal benefit, use Insomulex prior to bedtime, nap time, or returning to either after a disruption.*

Shake before using. Add recommended dosage into 8-12 oz non-metal container of pure (non-chlorinated) water and drink. You may also dispense dosage directly into mouth. **

* Excessive dosing may cause mild digestive discomfort

**Insomulex is colorless and flavorless in water but may have a slight tangy taste if taken directly into the mouth. Do not allow the dropper to touch any surface, including the mouth, as it may contaminate the solution.