TOKI…Say goodbye to wrinkles, crow’s  feet and age spots

– Helps rediscover  beautiful ,radiant skin from  within*
– Beautiful skin on the face and the entire body!*

Toki Collagen is a lemon flavored drink that was developed in Japan to provide absorbable collagen and essential nutrients to the deep layer in the skin known as the dermis. For wrinkles, age spots, hydration and natural radiance!*

Fighting the Signs of Aging
Beauty experts know that our bodies produce less collagen as we age. That can lead to fine lines, age spots and dry, tired looking skin. The challenge has always been to restore collagen levels, especially in the critical, deep layer of the skin…the dermis. Since most creams and lotions only penetrate the upper layer of the skin, this seemed like an impossibility.

That changed in 2002. A new, different collagen drink, called TOKI, offered the promise of porcelain skin from within. TOKI, developed in Japan, appeared to do what other skin products, including other collagen supplements could not.  It helped restore deep layer collagen levels.  As a result, a growing number of men and women, of all ages, have made TOKI part of their daily lives. Many have seen TOKI continually help diminish wrinkles and age spots while helping enhance overall skin glow, hydration and tone.*

Collagen to the Dermis
TOKI, a natural lemon citrus drink, was developed to provide absorbable collagen and essential nutrients to the deep layer in the skin. It is composed of patented Collagen peptide, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Calcium (calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide) Glucosamine, HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and Dermantic Acid (Muccopolysaccharide Complex) and HAI (Heated Algae Ingredient). This collagen formula is water soluble and highly absorbable. The HAI, that contains approximately 47 amino acids, may facilitate absorption of the collagen. TOKI powder, mixed in eight ounce of water, delivers all of these essential nutrients to the dermis, traveling through the bloodstream, to bring nourishment to cells deep down where topical applications cannot reach.  Like water from an underground spring, the nutrients in TOKI are absorbed into the dermis and parched cells begin springing back to life.*

TOKI nourishes and replenishes the skin from within!*

Porcelain Skin From Within!
TOKI reintroduces a youthful look and feel to skin with an extraordinary ingredient base that includes Collagen Peptide and Vitamin C to restore a more youthful quality. A mucopolysaccaride complex containing Hyaluronic Acid is then added for moisture retention. And this entire formulation is modified with HAI Amino Acid Extract, from Hijiki seaweed, for enhanced absorption. Skin tone, moisture level and resiliency are revived.

Toki is available in convenient, pre-measured single-serving packets to add to a glass or bottle of water.  Toki is also available in mini-tab form.  Both help you to achieve beautiful, youthful looking skin!*