LumaSoothe promotes better blood flow, reduces inflammation and relieves painful symptoms of Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, and Back Pain.

Healthier Skin & Hair

LumaSoothe’s Surface Treatment promotes healthier skin, hair and aids in natural wound healing for dogs, cats, and many other pets.

LumaSoothe is a home use, non-invasive low level light therapy (LLLT) treatment device for canine, feline and all other pets! It features 5 wavelengths of light across our 2 treatment modules. Providing pain relief from deep joint & muscle related conditions such as arthritis while also treating your pet’s skin & hair conditions such as Wounds, Eczema & Hair loss.

Simply put, LumaSoothe is the most comprehensive home care therapy product for your pets! 

2 Very Powerful Therapy Modules

For Muscle & Joint Care

Relieves the Painful Symptoms Of:

Deep Surgical Wounds
Deep Muscle Soreness
Joint & Muscle Inflammation
Hip Dysplasia
Sprains & Strains
Back Pain
Chronic Pain

Surface Treatment (ST)

Treats Various Injuries & Skin Conditions:

For Hair & Skin Care
Relieves Eczema
Relieves Seborrhea
Helps Clear Infections
Relieves Psoriasis
Promotes Hair Growth
Skin Inflammation
Kills Harmful Bacteria
Malassezia (yeast)
Surface Skin Injuries
Post-Surgical Wounds

Where can it be used?

IR Deep Treatment Areas
Surface Treatment Areas

LumaSoothe is an Excellent preventative therapy for your athletic pet!

How does Light Therapy Work?

Light Therapy introduces natural healing benefits of light to the body (living tissue). The process is very similar to how plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into plant tissue. The healing benefits of light trigger cellular stimulation that naturally help your dog or cats body relieve pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation & promote cellular rejuvenation.

Is Pet Light Therapy Safe?

The science behind modern Low Level Light Therapy dates back to 1960’s! Light Therapy has been proven safe and effective for over 40+ years. LumaSoothe is extremely safe and very effective! By using LED lights we delivers the same therapeutic benefits found in lasers without any of the harmful side-effects! It’s very easy to use and your dog, cat or any other pets you have will enjoy the relaxing automatic 15 minute treatment!

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Why Pulsed Light?

LumaSoothe features a pulsating (Flashing on and off) light called “Pulsed Wave Technology”. Pulsed light has been shown in many clinical studies to help provide much better cellular response and a more effective overall treatment, than constant beam of light! This helps your pet feel better faster.