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Telos95 is a clinically proven anti-aging telomere lengthening & lowering cellular age supplement consisting of an advanced proprietary plant-based blend of highly therapeutic polyphenols, that are naturally isolated from grapevine and organic olive leaf. These phytochemical compounds fight free radicals to maintain the health of the cells from becoming Senescence Cells (death of cells). Cell Senescence causes premature aging and eventually diseases. Promote telomere health, cellular longevity, and protects against Cell Senescence.

TELOS95  is isolated from plants and is based on a naturally sourced blend of organic olive leaf & Grapevine which are highly purified into active Super polyphenol compounds.

Telos95 Telomerase Supplement – Ingredients

These compounds are extremely high phytochemical compounds that may:

  • fight free radicals
  • nourish the cells with nutrients that promote telomere and cellular longevity
  • and slow down the aging process of our healthy cells.

Super powerful polyphenols that are clinically proven to lengthen your telomeres in just 6 months and decrease your TeloYears Age (your cellular age) by an average of 7.42 years.

Suggested Use:

Take 1-2 capsules daily with a meal.

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Telos95 (30 capsules) FREE Shipping!
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