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Zaca Recovery (6 per box)

Zaca Recovery (6 per box)

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  • Feel-great after the party
  • Blend of antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids
  • Natural, safe, GRAS approved ingredients

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A simple, natural recovery topical patch infused with 11 different ingredients. Enjoy feel-great mornings, clear-headedness and bright eyes.*

• A powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids.

• 6 patches per pack, one patch per night (2 optional).

• Simple to use, put on when going out.

Suggested Use:

Simply apply 1 patch to a clean area of skin,  prior to drinking or any activity that requires energy.

Take 2-4 tablets. For best results when drinking, either start with 2 and finish with 2 or finish with 4.


Prickly Pear, Milk Thistle, B1, Lipoic Acid, B5, B3, Taurine, Lycopene, NAC, Magnesium, Vitamin C


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