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Nerve Regen (120 capsules)

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Regenerate Healthy Nerves and Enjoy Your Hobbies Again! Introducing NERVE ReGEN by PureHealth Research!! Each premium quality natural ingredient in NERVE ReGEN is scientifically proven beneficially bioactive to support healthy nerve function. Premium botanicals and nutrients reduce discomfort, rebuild myelin insulation, damper hyperactive signals, and improve small nerve functions. It contains formidable antioxidants with 40x absorption power to protect your delicate nerves from oxygen deprivation, oxidative stress, and further damage. NEW NERVE ReGEN is Doctor-Approved and fortifies nerve health!

Motor (Somatic) Nerves convey messages from your brain to your muscles with instructions to create movement. Motor nerve damage can cause tingling, burning, tremors, loss of reflexes, and balance, especially in the dark. It can lead to muscle loss and weakness of hands and feet, causing clumsiness. You can experience dizziness, especially when rising from bed or a chair. *

Autonomic Nerves control the functions of breathing, digestion, sweating and heartbeat. Autonomic nerves can make eating and respiration difficult and problematic. Sexual dysfunction may also arise. *

Studies show that deficiencies of specific nutrients are a commonality between patients with impaired nerves. They also show that replenishing these deficiencies dramatically reduces nerve dysfunction symptoms.

Tired of hands and feet that feel numb, itchy, or sting? Put a stop to all the pain and annoyance with NERVE REGEN FORMULA!

When your nerves become damaged, it can short-circuit signals from the outside world… limiting your ability to feel temperature or pain. Without these signals, it can be easy to injure yourself, and do long-term damage to your body and overall health.

But the nutrients in NERVE REGEN FORMULA support nerve regeneration and help restore nerve function and overall wellness.

The ingredients in NERVE ReGEN help restore these deficiencies and boost nerve cell repair and regeneration.

The scientifically proven ingredients in NERVE ReGEN’s breakthrough formulation alleviates nerve dysfunction symptoms by helping:

  • Restore deficient cellular nutrients for repair stimulus
  • Promote & Accelerate nerve regeneration
  • Repair & Rebuild myelin sheath insulation
  • Improve small nerve function
  • Increase brain blood flow and nutrient delivery
  • Calm overactive nerves
  • Increase signal speed
  • Reduce discomfort
  • Improve Nerve Scores & TSS (Total System Score) in studies
  • Protect against peripheral nerve impairment
  • Modulate glucose metabolism
  • Improve HbA1c levels
  • Protect blood vessels
  • Fight free radical oxidation and O2 deprivation
  • Reduce AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products)
  • Reduce immune hyperactivity
  • Ease itchy, irritated, swollen skin and discomfort
  • Soothe feelings of distress and nervousness
  • Enhance sleep by calming physical and emotional nerves

NERVE REGEN FORMULA is made from 12 premium nutrients and botanicals, each proven to support optimal nerve function:

  • Benofotiamine helps increase nerve signaling speed and reduce discomfort
  • Passionflower Extract soothes impaired and overactive nerves
  • Baical Skullcap supports blood flow and eases overactive immune response
  • R-alpha-lipoic acid helps guard against nerve damage from free radicals

Those are just 4 of the ingredients in this powerful nerve regeneration supplement. With all 12, you’ll be on your way to rapid nerve repair, and more responsive nerve function.

Simply take 2 capsules of NERVE REGEN FORMULA a day to experience nerve regrowth and reduced itching, stinging, and numbness in your hands and feet.

And get ready to live life to the fullest again with NERVE REGEN FORMULA pills!


Dramatically reduces nerve impairment symptoms in studies! Studies show a correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and nerve dysfunction symptoms. It’s also linked to blood vessel complications and the inability to sense cold temperatures. Vitamin D helps improve small nerve fiber function. This sunshine vitamin is essential for healthy nerve function and glucose control!

Riboflavin can be a lifesaver to some nerve dysfunctions! Some symptoms, including weakness, hearing loss, sensory ataxia (sensation loss in hands and legs), eating, and respiratory difficulties, could be caused by a Riboflavin transporter deficiency. It helps support other B Vitamins’ metabolism, which is critical to nerve function. Studies show supplementing with Riboflavin can alleviate these symptoms!

Vitamin B6 can alleviate deficiency-caused nerve dysfunction symptoms! These can include pins and needles, burning, shooting, and tingling discomfort in your arms, legs, hands, and feet. It can also result in difficulty walking, clumsiness, and balance problems. A study of patients with nerve impairment given Vitamin B6 for 4 months resulted in over 66% showing significant improvement in discomfort and symptoms. Pyridoxine, a potent ally!

Deficiency of B12 is linked to nerve impairment! Vitamin B12 promotes the regeneration of nerves by boosting protein synthesis. It’s essential for maintaining healthy nerves and protecting them from damage. B12 helps repair, build, and support the protective myelin sheath insulation of nerves. Damage to the myelin sheath leads to nerve discomfort and interruption in signaling.  Helps repair myelin insulation!

Beneficial Benofotiamine! This form of Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) is 3.6 times better absorbed and multiplies metabolic activity levels by a factor of 120. Being fat-soluble improves its ability to penetrate nerves. Studies show it reduces advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) by 40%, inhibiting damage to blood vessels caused by impaired glucose metabolism. Studies show it increases signaling speed, reduces discomfort and HbA1c levels. It improves nerve scores significantly!

RALA can delay or reduce nerve damage through its antioxidant properties! Free radical damage from imbalanced glucose levels starves nerves of oxygen. RALA increases your body’s natural antioxidant Glutathione activity. This version has 40x the absorption rate of typical ALA.

Oat Straw Extract helps glycemic control! It can help reduce nerve dysfunction symptoms, including itchy or irritated skin, swelling, hyperactive immunity markers, and discomfort. It soothes the nervous system and eases feelings of jitteriness!

Passionflower calms the overactive impaired nerves! This hypersensitive nervous system and discomfort often leads to feelings of nervousness and interrupts sleep. Passionflower increases the neurotransmitter GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), which slows brain activity. Passionflower calms both emotional and physical nerves and helps you sleep!

Alleviates nerve dysfunction symptoms! By increasing blood flow to the brain, Skullcap helps ease nervous feelings and calms your hyperactive nervous system. It also reduces discomfort associated with overactive immune responses. Studies show Skullcap’s flavonoid called Baicalin has important antioxidant properties and reduces discomfort in lab animals. Researchers conclude Skullcap protects against nerve damage!


Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol), Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI), Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin), Benofotiamine (a Vitamin B1 derivative), R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Oat Straw Extract 10:1, Passion Flower Herb Extract 4:1, Baical Skullcap Root Extract (30% baicalin).

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement, adults take two (2) capsules daily. For best results, take with 6-8 oz of water or as directed by a healthcare professional.

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nerve regen
Nerve Regen (120 capsules)
Original price was: $62.99.Current price is: $49.00.
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