Pro Blend ISOLATE+ (available in 2 lb jugs) is a proprietary Rejuvination Formula that is designed to help repair and recondition the human body. Invented by our internal team of scientists using a proprietary manufacturing process, Pro Blend Isolate+ is a combination of potent, all natural ingredients. Designed to help reveal your potential to heal, great-tasting Pro Blend Isolate+ delivers activated life-giving energy for confident strength and clear mental focus. Pro Blend Isolate+ is the most advanced protein designed to aid in the Repair, Recovery and Recondition of your body, mind and spirit. Drink Pro Blend Isolate+ a 1/2 hour before and/or after physical activity. During times of high stress, or intense workouts, increase serving size.

Health and Nutrition Benefits

  • Supports your true inner potential to heal
  • Assists in the development of lean body mass
  • Colostrum aids in nutrient absorption
  • Probiotics replenish natural flora
  • Designed for strength and mental focus

Pro Blend Mission

Pro Blend Nutrition strives to create high-quality products that can benefit anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. By working alongside industry specialists, Pro Blend Nutrition has developed proprietary formulas to boost your fitness performance, aid in muscle recovery and improve your overall well-being.

For optimum results mix 1 scoop (30.3 g) in 8-10 fl. oz. of cold water, milk or favorite juice. Great tasting Pro Blend Isolate+ is instantized for easy mixing with no clumping.