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Hard for Men (30 capsules)


  • Enhances length and girth.
  • Intensifies endurance.
  • Increases pleasure.
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Swiss Navy Hard is a dietary supplemented formulated with herbs and amino acids to achieve fuller length and girth. Swiss Navy Hard intensifies endurance and heightens pleasure, working quickly after just one capsule.
Daily Supplements are made from all-natural herbs and nutrients infused with the perfect combination of hormone releasing ingredients. Our products are formulated to help men and women achieve maximum physical vitality and better sexual performance.

Get the performance you need when you need it with Hard by Swiss Navy. This herbal male enhancement supplement supplies you with the ingredients needed for stronger and harder erection with just one capsule.

Taken when you need it, Hard by Swiss Navy was formulated to give you what you already have and enhance it for better sex. With ingredients said to improve sexual desire and stimulate the drive, you can perform at your best so both you and your partner can get everything you need.


  • Blend of herbs and Amino acids.
  • Enhances length and girth.
  • Intensifies endurance.
  • Increases pleasure.
  • Daily supplements for sexual health.
  • Herbal dietary supplements.
  • Stronger harder erection.
  • Stimulates desire.
  • Premium natural ingredients

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