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Estrin D (90 capsules)

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The Estrin D has been Discontinued
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Menopause doesn’t have to be a time of uncontrolled weight gain, nor does it have to mean a transition from an active, enjoyable life to one of constant misery, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Estrin D helps significantly to increase your energy and vitality and to help you avoid or overcome mood problems that leave you drained, tired and feeling down at the end of the day. The brand name of the commercial product is Estrin-D™.

The first diet pill specifically designed for women over 40.

Remember when we could go on a diet and lose 10 or 15 pounds in just a few days?

Well, we’re not in our 20’s anymore. And because of our metabolic and hormonal changes… losing weight isn’t as easy as it used to be. But now there’s a diet pill made specifically for women over 40. It’s called Estrin-D. Estrin-D targets the three critical factors that women over 40 need to lose weight.

First, Estrin-D increases a sluggish metabolism, so you burn additional calories… even at rest.*
Second, Estrin-D improves hormonal balance so you lose weight in all the right places.*
Finally, Estrin-D gives you all the energy you’ll ever need… day or night.*

In simple terms, Estrin-D makes losing weight easy again… even if you’re over 40. Estrin-D… the first diet pill specifically developed to help women over 40 lose weight.*

Menopause:  It’s more than hot flashes & mood swings.  It’s about gaining weight.  You exercise… you barely eat… & you still put on the pounds (in places you never gained weight before).  But now, there’s Estrin®-D.  The first & only “diet pill” specifically developed to help “real” women lose weight*.  Estrin-D is formulated to increase resting metabolic rate, reduce caloric intake, boost energy levels & increase stamina*.  Estrin-D helps overcome your unique physical & emotional changes*.  So, for the first time… in a long time… losing weight is easy again.*


Take 2 capsules with a full glass of water 15 minutes before main meals.  Do not exceed 6 capsules per day.  Use only as directed.


Estrin D contains a variety of different ingredients that are reported to help speed up the user’s metabolism, leading to helping weight loss and efficient reduction of body fat.*
The ingredients include:
Yerba Mate leaf extract
Guarana seed extract
Damiana leaf extract
Green tea extract
Ginger root extract
Kola nut seed extract
Schisandra fruit powder
Chinese Skullcap root extract
Rhodiola crenulata extract
Cocoa seed extract
Jujube fruit powder
Black tea leaf extract

Vitamin D and Vitamin B6

As can be seen from the active ingredients, Estrin-D contains a high amount of natural caffeine compounds. Caffeine has a mild metabolic effect and can also lead to decreased appetite, which is why so many diet pills include caffeine or caffeine-related natural substances.

Along with the active ingredients listed, Estrin-D also uses the following inactive ingredients:

Rice flour
Silicon dioxide
Titanium dioxide
D&C Red 28
Iron Oxide
FD&C Blue 1
FD&C Red 40

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