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Youthful Circulation (90 capsules)


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Youthful Circulation harnesses the power of QU995™, our exclusive blend, Trans-Resveratrol and other heart-health super ingredients. Together, they ignite a symphony of healthy blood flow and amplify nitric oxide levels, breathing life into every cell.

● Bolsters a resilient and healthy heart*
● Revives sluggish circulation*
● Fights fatigue for boundless energy*
● Sharpens mental focus*

Folate (as Magnafolate® C) 400 mcg

Elevate your well-being with Magnafolate® C, the premium choice for 400 mcg of pure, potent folate. A heart health hero that plays a vital role in the regulation of homocysteine levels and has been studied to boost cognitive function*

Setria® Performance Blend 880 mg
Experience peak vitality with Setria® Performance Blend 880 mg – a dynamic fusion designed to fuel your body. This potent blend features Setria® Glutathione, renowned for its powerful antioxidant properties, and L-Citrulline, a key player in promoting nitric oxide production for enhanced circulation.

L-Arginine HCU 800 mg
With a potent 800 mg per serving, our precision-crafted blend supports healthy blood flow, boosts nitric oxide production, and aids in homocysteine metabolism. Enhance cardiovascular health, and fuel your body for boundless energy.*

QU995® Quercetin Anhydrous 200 mg
A true cardiovascular guardian, quercetin has been recognized for its natural potential to protect the heart through supporting healthy cholesterol, promoting healthy blood flow, and maintaining great blood pressure. Our superior blend is found in each capsule of Youthful Circulation.

Beet Extract (root) 100 mg
Our carefully curated formula ensures that you receive 100 mg of concentrated beet extract in every serving, promoting optimal health and performance. Known for its nitrate content, beet extract supports healthy blood flow and contributes to enhanced energy levels.*

Trans Resveratrol 30mg
Your heart deserves the best, and Trans Resveratrol delivers. Research suggests that resveratrol may have cardiovascular benefits. It may help improve blood vessel function, manage inflammation, maintain healthy blood pressure and support healthy blood sugar.*

Suggested Use: Adults take 3 capsules daily on an empty stomach prior to a meal

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Youthful Circulation (90 capsules)
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