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Botanic Superfoods (30 capsules)

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Botanic Superfoods combines 37 targeted and specifically selected fruits, vegetables and botanicals from ALL the colors of the rainbow!

Superfruits, Super greens and Superfoods- to activate your hidden “survival gene”, support healthy immune function and overall health

12 Greens

Bio-active Hopkins Broccoli
More potent than ordinary broccoli. Most potent Nrf2 activator known.

Broccoli sprout concentrate
Rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber- enhances immune activity.*

One of the main phytonutrients in olive oil, it supports your heart and circulatory system.

Green coffee extract
Activates Nrf2 factor that protec s cardiovascular system and encourages healthy weight management

Green tea extract
Unleashes activity to support healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

Spinach concentrate
Rich in phytonutrients, spinach is a plant with remarkable abilities to restore energy, increase vitality, and improve the quality of life.

Kale concentrate
Rich in phytonutrients essential for overall well-being.

Brussels sprout concentrate
An Nrf2 activate that was shown to support cellular structure and function.

Basil concentrate
Rich in phytonutrients essential for optimal health.

Oregano concentrate
Supports healthy respiratory, urinary and GI tracts, a perennial herb with a wide variety of health promoting properties.

Broccoli concentrate
Additional support to activate immune system.

Whole Apple Extract
Rich in polyphenols, apples provide support for cardiovascular health, respiratory health, and immune health.


8 Reds

Lycopene from tomato extract
Antioxidant that supports heart, prostate and breast health.

Apple extract
For optimal lung and respiratory health.

Açai concentrate
Animal studies show Nrf2 activator extends lifespan and repairs damages caused by oxidative stress.

Acerola extract
This unique, cherry-like superfood releases power to keep skin youthful and maintain healthy cells.

Tomato concentrate
A wonder-fruit with health-promoting phytochemicals.

Raspberry concentrate
Supports health of the cardiovascular, nervous, and immune systems.

Camu camu concentrate
Rich in vitamin C, Camu camu supports the body’s antioxidant system and promotes healthy inflammatory responses.

Sweet cherry concentrate
Encourages activity to clobber free radicals promoting overall well-being.


8 Purples and Blues

Increases nitric oxide activity that opens arteries for healthy blood flow.

Mangosteen concentrate
Commonly known as the “Queen of Fruits,” mangosteen supports general well-being.

Chokeberry concentrate
Supports cardiovascular and immune system health.

Black currant extract
Unleashes Nrf2 activators that regulate inflammatory processes in the body.

Elderberry extract
One of the oldest medicinal plants noted for its cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, and immune-stimulating properties.

Blueberry extract
Experimental research has shown beneficial effects of blueberries on cognitive health.

Blackberry concentrate
Rich in Nrf2 activators that support the body against oxidative stress.

Bilberry extract
Emerging evidence suggests the ability of phytonutrients found in bilberry to modulate Nrf2 activity.


5 Yellows and Oranges

Hesperidin (from orange peel)
Nrf2 activator that helps support cardiovascular and nervous system health by shielding the cells against age-related increase in oxidative stress.

Lutein (from marigold flowers)
Nourishes eyes and sharpens vision.

Carrot concentrate
Supports overall health.
Turmeric extract
Soothes joints, supports liver health and douses inflammation.
Cinnamon concentrate
Helps support digestion and colon health, helps support the health of the nervous and circulatory systems.

4 Whites

Patrols cells to attack free radicals.
Quercetin flower buds
For an additional dose of high antioxidants to protect cells and eliminate toxins
Onion extract
Rich in phytonutrients beneficial for heart health and overall health.
A mega immune booster.

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