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Boku Superfood

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  • PH Balancing greens from land & sea
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • Super Sprouts
  • Super berries & exotic fruits
  • Probiotics and enzymes
  • Vegan, Organic, Kosher
  • Gluten-Free
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Boku Superfood the ” foundation” formula provides you with the broad spectrum, essential nutrients that we all need to thrive. This award-winning formula was our first to go to market and stands alone as the flagship of our company. This product should be the foundation and building block of your Boku Journey. This specialized formula contains 55 organic superfood ingredients that each serve an important physiological function. Boku Super Food contains the world’s most powerful and potent plants and is formulated precisely for the human mind, body, and spirit. This superfood formula contains all the nutrients you need for the day, all in one place – plus, you can easily enjoy this blend on the go.

The 28.2 oz has about 90 servings and the 9.4 oz has about 30 servings.

  • Award-winning superfood formula
  • Highly concentrated nutrition
  • Conducive to an active lifestyle

The chlorophyll in our greens transforms the life-giving power of the sun’s energy into nutrients. The backbone of the chlorophyll molecule is magnesium, which is the most important mineral for a healthy cardiovascular system.  Many people are deficient in magnesium. The chlorophyll molecule is very similar to the hemoglobin molecule, which carries oxygen in our red blood cells. In traditional medicine, greens have been considered  “blood builders.” Our greens and sprouts also help the liver to detoxify substances that could otherwise harm the body’s organs, including the heart. Cruciferous sprouts in Boku, such as broccoli and kale are especially potent in this regard.

The mushroom blend has many benefits to the human mind, body, and spirit. These amazing shrooms are considered the ultimate “immune boosting food,” medicinal mushrooms, such as reishi, turkey tail and chaga are incredibly beneficial for the liver/kidneys, as well as the brain and nervous system. Medicinal mushrooms are also natures Swiss army knife. Each of us is unique and require nutrients at different times. Medicinal mushrooms provide each of us what we uniquely need, when we need it, in order to fix us up and keep us firing on all cylinders.

How to Use

One scoop of BōKU Super Food added to your favorite non-dairy liquid – it’s that easy. Shake it up, drink it down, and experience how good it feels to be fueled by natures gifts to mankind.

It’s your best day, every day, the way Mother Nature intended!

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