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Zantrex 3 (56 capsules)

Zantrex 3 (56 capsules)

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Provides the same high-energy component that the Zantrex brand is famous for, plus a fat burner shown to encourage lipolysis (release of fat from mature cells) and inhibit the activity of phosphodiesterase.* In other words, you lose body fat, not just body weight, but actual body fat.*

  • Rapid fat loss*
  • Incredible energy*

As a pre-workout supplement, take two capsules 1 hour before exercise. To support fat loss, take two capsules in the morning and two capsules with your main meal, for a total of 4 capsules per day. Always take with a full glass of water. Do not exceed 4 capsules per day.*

YES! It’s Zantrex-3… 546% more weight loss than the leading ephedra-based diet pill… and that’s a fact. Here’s another fact: Zantrex-3 High Energy Fat Burner is way beyond ephedra, way beyond those “goofy” berries, way beyond everything on the market today… Zantrex-3 High Energy Fat Burner is a new category of bifurcated weight loss compounds providing help with weight loss and incredible energy combined into a single power-packed Super Pill. *

So if you’re finally ready to look great, feel great, and have energy to burn… Zantrex-3 High Energy Fat Burner is the one formula you’ve got to experience. Get it today!*

About Zantrex
For almost two decades Zantrex has been distributing innovative formulations that address the specific needs of consumers. You can find their products at high-end retailers across the nation… and retail outlets worldwide.

To guarantee excellence, Zantrex have forged robust and enduring alliances with some of the nation’s leading  research and development companies. Their collaboration with an industry leader in contract research and development provides them with access to world-class discoveries from leading academic researchers.

Such collaborations enable Zantrex to develop and bring to market proprietary formulations and one-of-a-kind products under the strictest standards.

Zantrex products are some of the best-selling, most sought-after formulations on the market today. This product works best in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet and exercise. Individual results will vary.