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Phenblue (120 capsules)


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PHENBLUE – Research-Supported Fat Interaction Formula*

PHENBLUE® is the top choice for people who not only want to lose body fat, but want to improve their overall health and wellness. With its formulation of ingredients, PHENBLUE strives to make dieting more effective and easier for EVERYONE.*

The most important feature of the PHENBLUE formula is the combination sword and shield effect. It contains the patented NeOpuntia®, a compound that has been shown to help reduce fat absorption from consumed foods. The other ingredients support a dieter’s efforts to burn existing fat away by boosting energy levels and focus. This makes PHENBLUE unique among diet products of its class. PHENBLUE can make a very useful addition to your weight management arsenal.*

PHENBLUE does not contain dangerous stimulants like ephedra or synephrine,

PHENBLUE® Capsules, manufactured in the USA by Intechra Health, use the best quality premium-grade ingredients to forge a formula that can assist you in your efforts to reduce unwanted body fat. PHENBLUE helps you to take control over the struggles that can make your dieting efforts slower and more difficult. Absorb less fat from foods, enjoy greater energy levels for regular exercise, and gain renewed focused to eat a reduced calorie diet. With PHENBLUE, you finally have the TOOLS YOU NEED TO SUCCEED!*

  • FAT INTERACTION* – The fat interaction of the patented ingredient in this supplement means that you can still enjoy your favorite treats in moderation, without absorbing all of the fat. Provided that you follow a healthy, well-balanced diet, PHENBLUE will help you to reduce some of the calories that come from the fats that you eat every day. In this way, your dieting won’t feel as restrictive and you can build your healthy habits without feeling as though you’re constantly sacrificing everything you enjoy.*
  • ENCOURAGE FAT OXIDATION & THERMOGENESIS* – Having beautifully toned muscles means nothing unless you lose the fat that is covering them up. PHENBLUE’s researched ingredients help you to lean down for a more toned appearance. Ingredients in this capsule promote increased lipid oxidation and encourage thermogenesis to support a faster metabolic rate. These effects can allow your body to consume more fat and calories for fuel during workouts. There may also be a slight benefit at rest.*
  • SUPPORT HEALTHY DIETING HABITS* – There may be nothing worse than struggling day in and day out with fatigue brought on by reducing calorie consumption. This is all too common when following the type of reduced-calorie diet that is essential for losing weight in a healthy way. PHENBLUE, however, can help you to overcome your struggles with dieting through ingredients that have been found to improve energy levels and enhancing focus. With the ingredients in this pill, you can eat less without feeling like taking a nap 24/7, and you’ll be able to focus better on creating lasting eating habits for a healthier weight.*
  • INCREASE WORKOUT STAMINA* – Too tired to go to the gym or out for a jog? There are few of us who wouldn’t benefit from an increase in energy and stamina, particularly when trying to include regular exercise in our busy lives. But struggle no more – PHENBLUE contains industry-leading ENERGY and ENDURANCE ENHANCERS that will give you the boost you need to be more active and productive during the day.*

Suggested Use:

Take two capsules of PHENBLUE with 8oz of water 2 times daily, approximately 30 minutes before meals. This product is intended to be used along with a calorie-reduced diet and regular exercise program. Do not take within 5 hours of sleep.

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