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Iaso Tea (1 Month Supply)

Iaso Tea (1 Month Supply)

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Over 20 years in the making, IasoTea offers a unique blend of all-natural ingredients designed to deliver spectacular results. IasoTea is formulated to gently cleanse your digestive tract and detoxify your whole body while helping you experience weight loss.* IasoTea provides your body with essential enzymes, which are often detroyed by modern food processing and pasteurization techniques. The cathartic effect cleanses the lining of your intestinal tract, helps reduce build-up of toxins and allowing for more complete absorption of vital nutrients. Just 8 ounces of this mild tea twice daily can help. *


Suggested Use:

Drink 20 oz of the diluted tea a day! You can drink more if you wish to.

  • 8 oz with Breakfast or Lunch
  • 4 oz with a snack
  • 8 oz with Dinner
  • This is the recommended way for people who need digestive help; otherwise you can drink it anytime of the day or night. Just make sure you drink it!