Only Natural’s Coral Calcium mineral supplement combines the highest quality of Sango coral calcium, vitamins, and minerals to ensure maximum calcium absorption. Customers buy Coral Calcium from Only Natural because we use only the finest Sango Coral Calcium. Sango Coral Calcium supplements may promote the absorption of calcium and other minerals to support the body’s bone and muscle systems, and promote overall health.

Our unique formula contains certified 100% uncut Sango Coral Calcium (coral mineral powder) – the finest in the world. You can buy Coral Calcium pills comfortable in the knowledge that Only Natural’s Sango Coral Calcium is harvested under the strict supervision of the Japanese government to ensure protection of the coral reef.

Calcium is vital for healthy teeth and gums, healthy blood pressure, and the transmission of nerve impulses. Calcium is also necessary for muscular growth and contraction. Coral Calcium may be beneficial to athletes because it may prevent muscle cramps. Coral Calcium supplements may also prevent bone loss associated with osteoporosis.

Coral calcium allows an increase in absorption of calcium due to deposited trace minerals found in the coral during its formation, which increases its effectiveness. Coral Calcium supplements may assist with proper absorption of calcium and other minerals, support bone and muscle health, and promote overall health. Buy Coral Calcium from Only Natural now and see the benefits of adding Sango Coral Calcium to your diet for yourself.

One Bottle Contains 60 Vegetable Capsules.