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Stem-Kine nutritionally increases the release of your body’s own stem cells into your blood stream, where they can be used to help your body heal.

One of these types of stem cells, the Endothelial Progenitor Cell (EPC), is responsible for stimulating circulatory pathways, repairing damaged blood vessels, and much more.

Supports Natural Healing Mechanisms

Stem cells are your body’s natural healing mechanism, aiding in repair and healing processes within the body. Your body’s stem cells begin to decline after age 25. Stem-Kine may counteract this effect.

Stem-Kine may nourishe your bone marrow to release more of its own stem cells into circulation and protects those cells from oxidative stress. It does so through a “secret ingredient” – a cell wall extract of Lactobacillus fermentum – developed exclusively for Stem-Kine.

How Does it Work?

Stem-Kine’s powerful ingredients contain a proprietary, heat-treated extract of Lactobacillus Fermentum and the powerful antioxidants astragalus root, goji berry, and green tea. This cell wall extract gives Stem-Kine its “fertilizer effect” and releases stem cells into the bloodstream & protects those cells from oxidative stress. Supplemental ingredients include beta-1,3-glucan, vitamin D3, and ellagic acid to further protect stem cells from oxidative stress.

 Lactobacillus Fermentum

Containing patented and patent-pending fermented blends of astragalus root, goji berry, and green tea, our proprietary ingredient nourishes the bone marrow to release more stem cells into the blood stream. Once these stem cells are in circulation, they can hone to sources of injury within the body and begin the repair process.

 Beta 1,3 Glucan

A natural immune booster, beta glucans may trigger a cascade of events that help regulate the immune system, making it stronger and more efficient. Beta glucans are also extremely important for heart health. Ingesting more beta glucans may have a significant reduction of total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein (LDL).

 Ellagic Acid

Sourced from nature’s powerful antioxidant, pomegranate, ellagic acid harbors a powerful chemoprotective effect by reducing oxidative stress. This ingredient may help to protect your stem cells from free radicals.

 Vitamin D3

For more than a century, scientists have recognized that Vitamin D3 is involved in bone health. Not only that, it is paramount in immune support & low levels of Vitamin D3 may be linked to depression, back pain, impaired immunity, and much more.

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stem kine
Stem-Kine (60 capsules) FREE Shipping!
Original price was: $75.00.Current price is: $65.00.
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